Final Presentations [nachshon_alon]

Well although the class has nearly reached its end, the creative juices still seem to be flowing endlessly. It was very astonishing to see the start of the final presentations in class on monday. Just with the element water there were countless projects cronstructed around craftsmanship, the pursuit of happiness, global health and world solutions. It is very warming to see so many students interested in helping the world with its soon to be water crisis although there isnt a single individual in the class who suffers from the lack of the ability to get fresh clean water. The other day in my introduction to chemical engineering class Walter W. Wang, the President and CEO of JM Eagle, the worlds largest producer and supplier of plastic pipelines, camee to class and gave a lengthy presentation. His presentation was most shocking because he spoke as if he had the solidary control over the health and future of the entire country of africa because of his control over water. He has recently started a project that transfers large amounts of clean water from the coast to the inter African cities. The water crisis is apparently very close to the top of the list of our problems and it is very reasurring to see so many of my fellow students who will soon be politicans, buisnessmen, and people of potential holding the issue in high regards and taking steps towards tackling the problem before it tackles us. 

One of my favorite projects so far was the rain music. It is so cool how the dropping of water molecules can make so many different sounds. It was also innovative of the guy to get out on the rainy day with the a sound recorder. Reason, the program he used, is also very cool. It is amazing how technology these days allow the average student to take his/her ideas to production without professional assitance.


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