Nanotechnology/ The end- Carlos Chorro

Now that this class is coming to an end i look back and I realize how much Im going to miss this class. As an engineer, I couldn’t have asked for a better class to take that wasn’t part of my pre reqs for my major. Not only did it constantly stimulate the other side of the brain, it opened many doors for me and helped my realize that i could do something innovative or different with my major; not just sit at a desk all day. Next quarter I have to take 3 tough major-related classes and every time I go to the third class i will think of DESMA 9 and all of the interesting projects and ideas I’ve seen.

Now back to what we talked about in lecture. Nanotechnology, a possible branch for me and the future technology for many years to come.  The reason nanotechnology is being pursued so quickly is because there is endless possibilities in all fields. Medicine, Phychology, Engineering, Media etc. nanotechnology can be applied to all of these aspects and, as seen in lecture, its not always directly but abstractly and artistically as well. I was definitely inspired by the guest lecturer who showed us the molecules shifted in the letters of UCLA. Projects like these urge me and help me through those questions I ask myself. What am i doing with my life? What can I do with this Major? Questions like these constantly bugged me before but now that i have taken DESMA 9, a new light has been shed on the vast connection between technology and art. Another inspirational thought for me is the passion and eagerness for the final presentations shown through the fact that Professor Vesna will get these projects sponsored. I feel like an inventor and I’m actually making a difference. I will recommend this class to anyone and everyone in my major and beyond. So many cool stories and conversations have come up because of this class. When can I say that about my math classes?  I am sad that this class is coming to an end and I will definitely look into new projects or creations in this field in the future because i am so interested with keeping in touch with the outside world and all the new ideas that are being thought up everyday

This class gave me a sense of belonging and purpose. So much so, every time I go over new concepts in Physics or math i think of how it is applied to some of these art projects that were discovered and talked about in lecture. I feel more comfortable with my choice of major after taking this class and hopefully some time down the line I could think of some idea and pursue it in the same manner done in this class.


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