Never in a professional collegiate classroom would I have imagined…

That I would hear the word “shit” and such colloquial language given as a lecture. Don’t get me wrong, it was certainly one of the most entertaining lectures/speeches I have ever heard, merely unexpected. I had noticed, however, that in the beginning James Gimzewski lecture started like any other.  Formal, an introductory of nanotechnology, what he does…blah blah blah. SOmehow I saw the moment it changed. He was tired of people not paying attention, falling asleep, or just typing on facebook. He decided to get our attention. Though his views, ideas, and concepts on nanotechnology were all seemingly interesting, ti was the way he presented it that was truly captivating. Again, everything leads back to perception. He knew how to appeal to his audience. One thing I found interesting was when he exclaimed when another person had his same idea but he said “ha, but I was published.” Does that truly make the other person more right? I’m not sure how many of you know, but the Theory of Evolution was not ONLY Charles Darwin’s idea, he was merely the first to get published. SO if the other man had exclaimed his ideas, he would be ignored, and just repeating what Darwin had said. The same is of the invention of the first real working camera. Two men were at a race to create the ideal camera, but Niepce won because the other man died.Inventions, theories, creations… it seems humans are more obsessed with fame and fortune than truly progressing the current standard way of life.  Where will we be in 50 years? Will nano tech really be that prevalent? will art and Science find their way back into one whole world, or will the third culture come alive? Will culture live on to see another 50 years, or will people wanting power and fortune come to destroy what’s cultural, and have the means of life to be money? We are the future. We are the ones who decide. What do you choose?


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