WEEK 9 – Frank Nicholas- The End

I really liked the speaker today. I think he was a good lecturer and was funny, and I think it was good to get to see a different perspective on everything. Not only form a professor form a different field, but from someone from and whole different country. Nano technology is so interesting to me because there is no way to look at any art of it without machines and microscopes and such. I thought what he said about the makeup industry being a lot of nano technology was really interesting. No one would every think that makeup was such a science. And this just show how there is so much more to things than one thinks, and only those who make it or develop it really knows what goes into a product.So we got through half of the presentations and I think they are going really well.  Everyone had such good ideas, and even though there were a lot that were similar, like water pollution, no one had the same exact projects.  With this class coming to an end I think that it was a really fun and interesting class and I would recommend it to my friends.  I’m looking forward to the other half of the presentations tomorrow.


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