jack kutilek week 9 nanotech and IBM technology and art and lecture and science

lets reflect on last week
all i remember was gimzewskis(?) lecture on nanotechnology. it was pretty chill i guess i was really able to listen to it because he made it entertaining to just listen to him talk. or maybe it was that i am secretly interested in nanotechnology and i just dont know it. actually that might have something to do with it; i did find it pretty interesting regardless. ONWARD TO SCIENCE. what was really most interesting to me was that we have to ability to paint with atoms. like that ucla thing. or any of the other ones i forget if he showed us any other ones. I really just think it’s amazing that we can do that. I guess thats the digs. because we cant really do any special art with it, its just really really small. but its the same stuff you know. just putting colors on a surface or canvas.
Ah, a quick look at the internet and we’ve got an article that talks about IBM and painting with atoms. and also what other things they can do with atoms, like store data apparently. SO SAYS http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/20712521/. ah yes they spelled IBM in atoms. but they also made the worlds smallest art piece: it is a picture of the sun made of 20000 gold atoms on a silicon wafer. its pretty spectacular i guess but the article doesnt show a PIC of it. i had to look elswhere:
but the science is pretty astonishing too. its not all art these days. IBM is saying if they place nanowires correctly, they can get some high performance machinery! ho ho ho santa’s come early this year! they can also potentially make very small arrays to test for small traces of diseases. pretty impressive, IBM.
Now let me think about all this. In terms of the future, I mean. Excuse me. But i think this stuff will play a large part in the future. I mean they have so many ideas already of what they can do with it. Imagine what people will come up with when we really know how to work with it all. We are talking about flying cars here people. actually not, that was unfounded. but probably our lives are going to get better.


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