Final Blog! -Jennie Wong

I definitely like how for the final projects we were required to relate them to a certain element.  In general the presentations were a lot more interesting because everyone had a certain guideline to follow. It was especially cool to see how a bunch of different people would treat the same element differently.  It just goes to show that with creativity and human imagination you really can go far and wide. I would love to see one or two of these projects actually created, as Professor Vesna seeks to do.  That would just be a testament to the idea of dreaming big to create new innovations.

I think that that is certainly one of the main things I will take away from this class- that many of the ideas we come up with actually have the possibility of becoming something bigger than “just an idea”.  It has amazed me to see speaker after speaker with crazy ideas they’ve come up with and actualized.  Same goes for all the artists and scientists introduced in lecture.  Who would haev thought of a green bunny? Who would have thought of baking bread that looks like body parts? Who would have thought of tracked the sounds of dance? Incredible…I’ve also been inspired by what people closer to home, so to speak, have done.  Namely, our professor and TA’s.  It’s been really neat to see what they’ve achieved, from Professor Vesna’s oil/water experiment in Spain to Gil’s one string guitars. What’s especially unique about the department of design and media arts is how it encourages projects like this. Most everywhere else, you’re just given a bunch of info and told to memorize it and there is a right and a wrong answer. Here, it is all about thinking outside the box to come up with new information. It’s different, but I like it.


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