Patty Durongwong. Week 10. On Imagination.

Although the final projects had the same concept and outline of the midterm, I noticed a difference in ideas and presentation. I noticed that the midterm ideas were concentrated around human improvement but the final presentations had more substance to it. Perhaps it was the “Earth, Wind, and Fire” prompt that detoured us from choosing ideas that would help us improve. That brings me to another rather interesting revelation. When asked to think of anything – no boundaries, no set rules or limitation – many students came up with ways to move faster, to replace arms, to make us stronger, or to make humans less human-like and more god-like. It seems the inevitable selfishness is instilled in our very minds and what we really want is not world peace or a green earth, but a super human that will allow us as individuals to pull ahead past the rest of the meekly humans. I felt that having an outline for the final really forced us to pick and choose what we find important aside from our hidden agendas.  A project that I specifically remember for whatever reason is the Air freshener flower pot. Although a rather simple and materialistic idea, I was intrigued by its simplicity and direct practicality. Here i was, thinking of ways to improve the environment or educate others of pollution and what not – and I forgot about the beauty of life. The Air Freshener Flower Pot seemed to also be one of the most attainable and accomplished. Many of us had grand ideas to build domes and structures but the concept of the flower pot was tangible. (I know I would buy one…)  On entering the Design and Media Arts 9, I didn’t really know what to expect. Would it be a class that introduces Media Arts or Design? I had no idea. However, I leave with an enormous amount of respect for the class. Having taken a very similar class in high school titled Theory Of Knowledge, I realized how important it is to open our minds. This class, much like the class in high school, taught me to look at concepts in a new outlook and different perspective. On another note, I would also like to applaud these blogs. They really allowed me to express how i felt and reflect on the class in an informal but very in depth manner.  


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