Final Post!

I wrote on my hand yesterday, “AST BLOG,” because I knew that with the huge amounts of text book reading I had to do, my brain would not be functioning normally (you know how studying makes you really tired and kidna feel brain dead?). Anyway, clearly, I fell asleep and woke up in the morning with my note not only on my hand, but on my cheek as well. Evidently that’s what I get.

Anyway, the final group of projects was awesome. I loved the project that wanted to used different chemicals to change the color of fire and thus make art with it. I thought it was such a cool idea, and had no idea you could make purple fire! I told my boyfriend about it and he said “oh, yeah isn’t it K+ and something that makes purple fire.” I guess he got to learn about it in AP chem, but nonetheless, I thought that project was awesome and would LOVE to be able to see different colored fire.

I also really liked the idea behind the global song project. I think that if we could come up with something that simple, it would at least be one step towards some kind of global uity– it would be something everyone knew, and at least something we all had in common. Which, with such a divided world, couldn’t really hurt.

The air pollution project was also really awesome, those are the three that really stuck in my mind. But, obviously, as a whole, I was once again impressed with my classmates creativity.

I had a great time in this class this quarter. It was such a refressing 2 hours, when we’re all so used to sitting in boring lecture classes where the profs read off of powerpoints. I loved being exposed to so many new ideas and theories and all have them have a common thread. I wish everyone in Art Science and Technnology good luck, and want to thank you again for the great fall quarter.


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