Final Blog- Marco Anzures

The final week of presentations was a refreshing experience in creativity and ingenuity. I was continually impressed by the classes enthusiasm towards their projects and the amount of careful detail and deliberation that was put forth into their projects. This class has really provided a different academic experience for me thus far in my career at UCLA. Normally classes require you to recall dates, facts, or formulas and very rarely allow the amount of freedom to explore topics and personal interests in an academic setting. The myriad of different ideas for fire, water, air, and earth were incredible. This was truly the first time I have been able to exprience the thoughts and ideas of my peers in such a fashion, it was quite inspiring. Perhaps now that the course has ended I am a little disappointed that we didn’t have the opportunity to do more of this type of learning research and presentation throughout the quarter. I understand that the quarter flies by and lectures must be presented but if there was a way to increase the amount of student collaboration and presentation of ideas that would be awesome. I believe someone else commented that this class was different than others he had taken because he felt he was learning rather than being asked to memorize certain things. I would have to echo those words as well. This class presented me with an opportunity to absorb information at my own leisure and it offer avenues for personal research and inquiry. I believe the blogs have been an important facilitator of ideas and discussion (I’m one to talk though, having only contributed sparingly to them, although I enjoy reading them). I feel like the blogs would become an even more important part of the class if they were discussed more thoroughly in section, maybe as a way to start a class discussion and survey the general feelings about that previous week’s topics. My thoughts are wandering but I would also like to comment on the guest lecturers who came and spoke. While many of them are distinguished individuals in their field it would be helpful if their lectures were designed to speak towards a more or less ingnorant group of intellectuals, and I mean this in the best possible way. I was left a little dazed, even overwhelmed at times from their lectures because I couldn’t possibly hope to understand the language and context they speaking of. Perhaps I was the only one with this isssue but in any case it was inspiring to have them speak to us and I’m grateful for their time and energy spent. In closing I would like to say that this class has been a very unique experience for me and I encourage others to explore other opportunities like this at UCLA.


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