Last Post – Simone Chen

First of all I have to apologize. For not posting until now, I mean.

I think the stress of finals made me forget about this blog (temporarily) completely! Although I never forgot to think about the class of course (especially after Professor Vesna handed out such a wonderful Christmas gift). I have to admit that when I enrolled in the class, I didn’t expect anything. It was just a GE, that’s all. But after all we’ve been through, I’m really glad I picked DESMA 9, instead of say some other random visual arts course. I like drawing and appreciating paintings and what not so don’t get me wrong, but, in terms of applicability, I think what I learned in this class can definitely be seen later on in my college career, given that I’m a science major and we really touched on bits and pieces of “south campus” material at times.

There were times when I was less engaged than I should have been (like when we kept talking about the GFP bunny and basically nothing else during that whole…was it 3 hour lecture?), moments when my mind wandered , floating off into the distance, (such as when the professor mentioned Nikola Tesla and his various accomplishments, and even times when I sort of dozed off, despite the fact that the chairs weren’t designed to be used for sleeping, (I think that was when we discussed about fractals and mathematical algorithms – math is not my thing you see). But for the most part, it was really a class that I actually enjoyed going to. We’d watch interesting clips pertaining to the material (or sometimes it seemed like they were a bit off tangent, but nevertheless they were fun to view!), see odd pictures (when I first saw body worlds, the “bluntness” of it all definitely shocked me, but now it’s just amazing…I think), and be introduced to unique websites (the blue morph site for one).

Nowadays whenever I see science, I can’t help but notice the “art” behind it at times. It’s not just, say, atoms/molecules, but their structure and the kinds of shapes that can be formed (like the bucky ball abacus).

Recently I’ve found a DNA music website and I’ve got to say that it has some great music files and I can’t wait to hear more. They’ve got bits of the swan gene and are working on the whale gene I believe. Look at the following links:

If it weren’t for this class, there would have been so many things left uncovered. All the “treasure” would have been buried, never to be found (so to speak, sorry if my metaphor doesn’t make sense). So once again I have to say that I definitely found this class worthwhile.

On a side note, I also have to say that every person in the class is a “good” person. We were all able to appreciate each others’ works of “art”, respect other’s opinions, and, while doing so, express our own ideas. And these qualities are actually really important in life and not all that easy to find in people. So I thank everyone, professors, TAs, and fellow classmates (although I don’t know many of you personally), for making this a great first quarter!



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