Body Worlds

I think body worlds is fascinating. Creepy, but fascinating. It’s extremely valuable to know what goes on inside your own body. I’ve had knee problems for years and all I ever got from doctors was medical jargon and put some ice on it. When I started playing rugby for college it became a real problem for me, I had to figure out what was up and find a way to work around it or I wouldn’t be able to play my favorite sport anymore. So I studied the anatomy of the knee, and from there finally figured out what exactly was going on in my joint that made what I love doing hurt so much. I discovered where I needed to put tension to counteract what was happening and presto I can run again. Body worlds can help other people make these same realizations about their own bodies. If I was a smoker and saw the body worlds smokers lung I sure would quit. It’s also especially cool to have animals in the exhibit as well. That makes it so you are able to relate things that are on our bodies to how they work in other species and shows that all life is unique and the same all at once.


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