It is amazing how our opinions on robots have changed so drastically since their introduction to the world. I’ve read many old sci fi novels (I’m a nerd like that) and today it’s comical how terrified the world was of robots. Looking at todays world and how dependent we are on electronics it’s hard to imagine where we would be if our fear of robotics had held. I believe that part of what really changed our view of robots are books such as I, Robot. In this collection of short stories the reader goes on a journey, starting at the beginning with a fear and dread of a robotic companion, through robots taking over, robots having feelings, robots running away, and ending with preferring robots over the despicable humans that created them. I believe that robotics is what is helping us towards our next big step, whatever it may be. We don’t quite have flying cars yet, and we might end up in “The Matrix.” But I say forge onward and lets hope we end up in “Futurama” instead.


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