The North South Divide

I think that the divide between north and south on our campus is very prevalent. In the architechture alone the divide is visble. When walking through north campus there a lots of trees and open space, the buildings are mostly a quant brick or have a modern art type feel. South campus is a world of grey cement, tangled buildings and a general feeling of impending doom. Can you tell that I’m a north campus major? But I believe many south campus majors have the same feelings about their territory that I do, even if they don’t know it. South campus majors enjoy the perks of classes where there is no room for creativity, you either understand or you don’t. My south campus friends are generally constantly stressed and all seem to believe that they are inevitably going to fail. But that doesn’t stop us from being friends, I’ve just learned to keep my distance around midterms and finals week. I once brought one of my south campus friends with me to pick up something from the theater department and upon seeing the rolling hills of the sculpture garden she had to stand for a minute rather dumbstruck and asked “Is this still on campus?”
So essentially, The north south divide does not stop us from socializing, networking, or any other such ing. The difference is in the attitude.


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