Truth is a tricky subject to discuss. I think the real breakdown we need to see is the difference between personal truth and absolute truth. Personal truth is what you as an individual believe to be true. Absolute truth is what is really real. Let’s say a man yells at his wife for leaving the garage door open. The man believes that his wife purposefully left the door open because she has a total disregard for his things that are in the garage. This is his personal truth. The wife believes that she closed the garage door and that the man opened again just to have something to yell at her about. This is her personal truth. The absolute truth is that their son left the garage door open when he took his bike out. So there are three different truths here, all of which conflict, but also all of which are true. Let’s get everyone riled up and bring religion into it. For example, Christians believe there is one true God who is the creator and ruler of all things. For a Christian who believes in the Christian philosophy this is true. This is their personal truth. Atheists believe there is no God, evolution is rational, and every man is only accountable to himself for his own actions. This is his personal truth. Both of these views are the truth, but that does not make either one True. No one can prove the absolute truth in this situation. If atheists are right then a lot of people wasted a lot of time. If Christians are right, then a lot of people are really fucked.


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