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Space art

Posted in Week 7 on December 14, 2007 by abradbury

I would like to take this opportunity to say WTF? Dolphins swimming through space is art? Of course that takes us back to the whole conversation of what is art where we eventually realize that everything is art depending on how you look at it. But really, space dolphins? come on. No wonder we haven’t found any extraterrestrial life, they probably were gonna drop by but then found one of our space dolphins and were like, woah, fuck that. It’s especially great that the guy who did it was talking about how there’s so much trash in space already. Oh no, there’s too much debris and other unnecessary crap floating around our galaxy, here’s a solution, fire off some more trash! If they were debris eating space dolphins then sure, I can see that working out. They could be art and serve a purpose. In fact why don’t we decorate our trash trucks on earth to look like dolphins. I think that would be much more enjoyable. I often think of what other civilizations will think of us when they find our ruins. God forbid the first thing they find will be Disneyland. “These people worshiped the great mouse god!” And you know what, with dolphins in space, maybe we do.


Dolphins in space? (ex. posters, boogie boards, Hitch Hikers Guide)

Posted in Week 7 on December 4, 2007 by ava3

Richard Clar’s guest lecture revisted my previous thoughts on television. Most people fail to realize the aspect of television as a source of communication. Our society’s TV has become engulfed with “reality tv” that we forget to put substance and meaning into our media anymore. Who cares to know “who New York will end up coosing, will she find ‘true love?’” Honestly, how can people watch that crap? It’s in human nature to want to watch controvercy, dispute, agression, and physical fights. Why do you think people flock to the scene of a fight between two drunken idiots? Does anyone care if theyr’e going to be safe, or for their welfare? No. Everyone wants to see someone get the living daylights punched out of someone. Why is this? When did this happen?Our television and media today send subliminal messages. Regardless that the one second clips that were hidden between screen shots (so as to confuse and hide from veiwers) is now illegal and no longer exists, 30 minute and hour long shows express grotesque imagery of what life should be. Why is there race, the idea a family must live happily ever after together forever, men should be macho, and women should be dainty? Who are we to say?If we ever DID come into contact with extra terrestrials, we would probably just corrupt their lives – for we do not even realize how we corrupt ourselves daily.

week 7- frank nicholas- i know it’s late

Posted in Week 7 on November 27, 2007 by franknicholas

I know this is really late, but it can’t hurt to do it anyways. Richard Clar’s presentation was very interesting to me. People are so into finding a way to communicating with other forms of life that may be somewhere in the universe. The dolphin in space is just one of many different things humans have done to try to communicate with other forms of life. i saw this thing the other day about the biggest satellite dish antenna in the world and it is to try to receive messages from outer space. It can get messages that are half way to the Milky Way? i don’t really know what that means but it sounds really far. this satellite is in some canyon in Puerto rico.

So this thing is just huge and it is actually the opposite of the dolphin. It is looking to receive messages form space opposed to the dolphin which is transmitting messages.

The Collision piece he did was also very interesting. Its amazing how much debris is actually orbiting around the earth. i didn’t realize there was any debris, but it makes sense that it could be a big problem in the future if there is a lot more. it will be pretty risky to fly in and out of the earths atmosphere.

Week 7- Art, Science, & Technology; The Answer?- Marco Anzures

Posted in Week 7 on November 19, 2007 by manzures

Professor Vesna posed a question at the beginning of class that asked what art, science, and technology could do to prevent conflict, like the neo-Nazi riot. More broadly I think this asks what can these mediums do to influence our world in a positive way and initiate a new wave of thinking. Richard Clar’s Space Flight Dolphin is an innovative and artistic way of integrating art and technology. Art plays an important role in society and culture and it represents a unique way to present our ideas. The inherent abstract nature of art allows it to present things in such a way that invokes thinking and dialogue. Instead of traditionally speaking upon contemporary issues, art transforms the verbal communication of those ideas into another medium. I think it is this aspect of art that makes it an important medium of communication. It may be clear where technology would assist art in accomplishing the spread and impact of ideas. Technology enhances the innovation and reception of art. We have discussed how important a role artists and scientists play in bringing pressing issues to the public. Critical issues, like global warming, racial tension, and poverty for examples, are best effectively addressed by art and science I think. Although some may argue that art may bring to esoteric and twist onto issues and that science may be to far from the general public’s understanding that it is quickly disregarded. Consequently though, combined, art and science level out each others extreme tendencies and create a meduim that is perfectly tailored for mass public digestion.

Space Art – Xuan Wei

Posted in Week 7 on November 19, 2007 by iplayterran

I thought Richard Clar’s presentation was quite interesting; I was compelled to visit his websites later for more information on his innovative ideas. I was especially intrigued by Clar’s Space Flight Dolphin, it got to be one of the wildest, most random idea I’ve ever heard. I mean, since scientist and astronauts aren’t doing a better job finding extra terrestrial life forms, it’s great that artist such as Richard Clar is taking initiatives to present art as a new method of communication between earth and Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI) in outer space.


So why dolphins? According to Clar, dolphins are essentially better and more efficient communicators than humans, and of course, they’ve existed on this planet for a longer period of time. Furthermore, dolphins are extremely intelligent, more intelligent that humans in certain aspects. For instance, dolphin’s cerebral cortex is 40% larger than that of a human.


The essence of Clar’s project is to make space the place where science, art, and philosophy blend into one. I think Clar’s idea is pure genius in a sense that he is making our planet into a symbol of intelligence and friendship by having this sculpture dolphin orbiting around the earth. I mean, how did he come up with this brilliant idea?!?! I am officially impressed! Go Clar!

Just imagine an extraterrestrial living form receiving our dolphins signal from earth and wondering where it is coming from. I mean, instead of building expensive, complicated spacecrafts trying to look for ETIs in the space, we can now make them looking for us by having this sculpture dolphin as the planet’s spotlight!

Patty Durongwong. Week 7. Out of this World

Posted in Week 7 on November 19, 2007 by pattydwong

I found Richard Clar’s presentation absolutely perfect for the main topic of this class. The collaboration between art and science is depicted very clearly and simplistically through his projects. I found his peices rather creative in a sense that he reached outside of the world – the world being taken literally. The Space Flight Dolphin brought up many concerns in my mind as it was being presented. I realized that when humans think of “connecting” to aliens or the like, we think on rather scientific and mathematical terms. Richard Clar’s Space Flight Dolphin, on the other hand, convey a more creative and meaningful means of communication. It reveals that we are not made up of numbers or digits or silly gadgets but that we have that creative side – that sensative side that portrays the very basis of what make us human. It is difficult to describe how we feel through numbers (and when i think about it, rather impossible) but with art and the creativity of projects like these – we can convey our emotions. The fact that NASA as approved Richard Clar’s Space Flight Dolphin shows how science and art are truly converging in the most obvious mean.
His peice “The New Butoh Space Dance” appeared at first to be a unique approach to communication with extra terrestrials. I found it mesmorizing to watch how art and music can be transformed into by technology into Interstellar Message Composition. What caught my eye is how each of his projects were portrayed. Although they each clearly had a scientific purpose and was practical in a very scientific direction, the graphics and presentation of each showed its aesthetic beauty. Not only do his peices apparently show how art and technology are fused together, the means in which he used to portray his pieces also show how they have converged to produce such projects. He is in essence using the fustion of art and technolgy to produce more connections and uses demonstrating how important one is to the other. I enjoyed how Clar is reaching out of this world, turning creative ideas that can be made possible and realistic via technology and science.

Space Flight Dolphin-Van Huynh

Posted in Week 7 on November 19, 2007 by vhuynh

I was intrigued and interested upon listening to Richard Clar’s lecture on his Space Flight Dolphin project. The idea of this sculpture/satellite dolphin structure to be able to communicate through magnetic field lines is a fascinating way to perceive other modes of communication. I have never heard of the idea of finding extraterrestrial intelligence on other planets in the galaxy through the means of detecting change in magnetic field lines.

I can understand why the space flight dolphin is an appropriate example of art, science, and technology. The artistic aspect of the project if through the dolphin itself, it is symbolic of intelligence through sound. In addition, the use of nitinol to construct the sculpture/satellite which would transform by the sun in space would show the artistic aspect of the space flight dolphin to change shape. The scientific aspect would be the project’s ability to change the magnetic fields. The technological aspect would come from creating a system to deploy the space flight dolphin into space.

I found this lecture really interesting because I have never been exposed to ideas that would be able to communicate with other planets in space. The examination of using art, science, and technology shows me another way of bridging the gap between artists and scientists with museums having the ability to observe Space Flight Dolphin.

richard clar